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the importance of marketing

You have done the hard work; built your business, learnt your craft & honed your ​skills. Word of mouth is so powerful, but it cannot be controlled and it is rarely ​enough to keep a business going. Marketing is proactively making sure your ​business is being seen by the right people and captivating them.

A good marketing strategy is the key to success and it doesn’t have to cost the ​earth. There are many smart affordable ways you can market your business, gain ​new customers and retarget existing customers easily and time efficiently.

With a strong sales & marketing background, I have a passion for success and ​helping businesses thrive, with vast knowledge of what works and how to succeed ​on a budget. Consultations are free and the services can be on-going or just a few ​sessions to show you how to market your business yourself.

key Marketing Services

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Social Media Marketing

Reach a huge audience with a small budget, using a strategy that doesn't take up all your time.

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Content & Design

Engage and captivate your audience with powerful content & design for digital and/or print media

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Email Marketing

Ensuring repeat business, messaging in the right way & innovative ways to draw in new customers.


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New Customers

Create a yearly strategy to provide a steady stream of new enquiries & customers

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Repeat Business

Keeping the conversation going with customers & entice back again and again

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Cost & Time Effective

Marketing solutions for great results that won't take up all your time and money.


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What are all the services you offer?

Marketing analysis & strategy, social media marketing & advertising, email marketing, copy writing, content creation, design for digital and printed materials, advertising, PR, event organising, exhibitions, networking, web design & e-commerce.

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What service is best for my business?

A free consultation is provided to analyse your businesses needs and vision. You will then be presented with a strategy which could include one, two or all of our services. This would then be discussed and finalised with a plan of action.

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How long will it take until we see results?

This really depends on the strategy, goals and needs of the business. If wanted, we can work to achieve immediate results or work at a slow and steady pace.

Early Reviews

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James G.

"Liane really helped me start up my tree business with ​Facebook. I couldn't believe the amount of enquiries I ​received using a small budget. It has brought in so many ​new customers."

Ben R.

"LHB Marketing designed & created my website, flyers & ​marketing emails. Liane produced a strategy for us to ​follow and now manages our social media. We are more ​than delighted with the service and much more cost ​effective than employing a marketing team."

Emma P.

"We are so overwhelmed by the service we have received ​from LHB Marketing. We really didn't have any follow up ​procedure for leads or customers. LHB helped me create ​email campaigns easily which are then automatically sent. ​They are so effective and take no time!"

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